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National Account and computer Education Trust (NACE) registered under the Public Charitable Trust act 1882 under section 60 vide (Reg.No 948/09),society registrarion act 21,1860(Reg.No S/64772) from Govt.Of INDIA (N.C.T),New Delhi respectively and working in computer and Accounts field with the central as well as State Govt. to reach every class of the society.The institute is also certified by ISO 9001:2008 Certified institute courses are registered by CRAct,Ministry of HRD,(Dept.of Secondary & Higher Education)

In this rea of information Technology and Science We are committed to made available the computer education literacy and accounts education on very nominal fee structures across the country covering rural and urban area.Through TCRD(Training centre for Rular Development) & TCGD(Training centre for Global development).

Now a days,there is a scarcity to find the short term courses with the flexibility so that the middle class and working class could be benefitted and improve their understanding and ultimately contribute in the National development & skills with more confidence and dignity.

N.I.C.E. is known as the pioneer of computer literacy through out the country.Institute working towards its goal with the save Zeal and enthusiasm.N.I.C.E. Focused on main objective:-To general environment opportunities for its student by preventing the best designed job oriented courses and jobs.Computer Literacy to every eligible candidate of the country.

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By constantly improving quality of our products and hiring more high professional web developers and designers we will increase total product quality by 20%.

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